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Complete Sets
Puff Old English Full Set
Puff Athletic Script - Full Set
Puff Athletic Script LC - Set
Puff Script - Full Set
Puff Varsity Block - Full Set
Puff Shadow Block - Full Set
Puff Static Block - Full Set
Puff Tiffany - Full Set
Puff Varsity Wide - Full Set
Puff Outline Block Full Set
Puff Brush Script Full Set
Puff Chaos Letters Set
--- Miscellaneous Puff Items ---
6 Inch Numbers
Miscellaneous Letters
3D Mascot Names
Safety Service Designs
----- Individual Letters -----
Individual Puff Athletic Script Letters
Individual Puff Script
Individual Puff Varsity
Individual Brush Script
Individual Puff Tiffany
Individual Puff Old English
Individual Puff Varsity Wide
Individual Puff Shadow Block
Individual Puff Static Block
Individual Outline Block
--- Non Puff Designs ---
No puff Tiffany - Full set
Individual No puff Tiffany
Curly Dot Monogram Set

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Central Monogramming

What is included with a full set?

  Varsity, Athletic Script, Varsity Wide,  Static Block and Tiffany all include 26 capital letters and 10 numbers.  Script and Shadow Block and Old English  contains only 26 capital letters.

What type of files are include in the full set?

  Varsity, Athletic Script, Varsity Wide, Shadow Block, Old English,   Script and Tiffany full sets include the following formats:

.dst - Tajima files
.cnd - Melco Condensed files (allows resizing with most software)
.exp - Melco Expanded files
  .pes - Brother/Babylock/Bernina Home Embroidery format files
.sti - DataStitch outline file (allows resizing with DataStitch systems)
.ulx - Ultramatic Expanded files

In addition, there are 3 sizes included in all the above formats.  2 Inch tall, 2 1/4 Inch tall and 2 1/2" tall.

Static block contains .dst, .exp, ulx and .pes files in 2 sizes.

What thickness of foam should I use when I do the embroidery?

Embroidery foam comes in thicknesses from 2 mm to 6 mm.  The thicker the foam the more  "rise" you get with the embroidery.  We recommend and test our designs with 3mm foam.  We have sewn samples at 6mm (2 pieces of 3mm foam) with success.  A lot depends on what you are sewing, your equipment and the type of foam you are using.  To get as much rise out of the embroidery we recommend using the hardest foam possible.  Very soft "Craft" foam may collapses under the embroidery, resulting in very little "rise".  Many times more "rise" results from better foam not "thicker foam"

As a general rule "More Bold" letters support using thicker foam. (Example.  Brush Script, Varsity Wide, Script).  Narrower fonts such as Old English work better with thinner levels of foam.

We provide free samples of all our style for you to experiment with.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.  We suggest experimenting with different thicknesses on your equipment to see what works best for you.

We do not sell embroidery foam but suggest you contact any company that sells embroidery supplies and see if they do.  All Stitch, Sew Many Part and Madera are a few that we know  sell the foam.

Question: How does it work if I decide to order a set as a download?
For fastest service you can order using your credit card.  Once you place your order with a credit card you can download your purchase immediately.  Phone In, Fax In orders will be processed quickly during normal business hours.  Once your payment has been confirmed.  You will receive an email that your purchase is ready for downloading.  You can then download your purchase as a .Zip compressed folder. This folder will contain all files related to your purchase.  There is no need for to select what format you need as they are all included with each download.  Your download will be available for at least 90 days from the purchase date.  You are responsible for your copy beyond that time.

How do I open the .Zip compress folder?
If you are using Windows XP ,Windows Vista
or Windows 7/8   the folder will open by simply double clicking on it.  After opening the folder you can select 'Extract all files'.  If you are using a older version of Windows, you may need to download a free utility to open the folder.  This can be easily found by doing an Internet search for "Unzip"

How do I know what type of file I should use.
95% of all embroidery software or embroidery machine will read the .dst Tajima files.  We suggest you start with these files. Download the free sample, it contains all the file types. 

How can I be sure this will work on my embroidery machine?
You can download a sample letters from this website by clicking on the link 'Download Sample Letter'.  This will allow you download a sample letter that is exactly like the ones you can purchase. This download will contain all formats and sizes.  You can then use our step by step instructions to sew a sample  on your  garment.  The sample contains a letter from each of our  styles.    Have fun and don't be afraid to experiment. 

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